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Started by gava

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04-14-2019, 08:40 PM -
Get rid of moles on the site

If you have moles, then the land on your dacha is fat and fertile. Blind mammals are attracted to black earth soils rich in earthworms. However, with the intruders who came to your territory you need to immediately fight, otherwise the garden plants will die long before the harvest.

[Image: Best-Mole-Poison.jpg]

Wrecking activity of moles

On the one hand, moles are useful because they loosen and improve aeration of the soil, destroy pests and their larvae. But vacationers have to pay for expensive cracovii services. The sabotage activities of the animal expressed:

— In the spoiled, pitted lawns, as if covered with volcanic craters;

 In the dead flower beds and garden beds, plants which have withered away because moles have damaged their root system;

— In difficult cases, moles can damage the utilities of your suburban area or contribute to the subsidence of the Foundation of buildings.

Destroyers moles become inevitably, the way of life of the animals is the construction of a complex, extensive underground tunnels. And it is not compatible with the successful cultivation of the crop. Peaceful coexistence with moles is not suitable for those who like to arrange family picnics on the freshly mowed lawn. Consider all possible answers to the question of how to get rid of a mole on the plot.

click here for info

How to fight

The mole control is well known to vacationers, so there are a lot of methods. If we generalize them, we get three main ways of influence:

— Sound repellents (windmills, empty bottles, dug into the ground for 2/3);

— Unpleasant odors (rotten fish, turpentine, ammonia, tansy, elderberry);

— Chemical treatment.

Humane methods of struggle (sound and unpleasant odors) often do not give the desired result. The object that gives off an unpleasant smell, the mole can just dig or not use the move in which it is felt. Sound repellents are even less reliable helpers. Creates noises – the wind, if the summer will be windless, it is unlikely that they will help. In this case, how to get rid of moles in the garden area, prompt chemicals.

Chemical methods of mole control

Just make a reservation, the spread of poisoned baits – a dead number. Moles are predators who feed on live food.

Low results are given by the technique of throwing "gas bombs"into moles. In the maze of the mole enough places where he will hide from the gas attack. The non-directional movement of poisonous gases does not give the necessary result. But an improved version of this method offer modern Gossluzhby.

Professional aeration or fumigation of wormhole tunnels is performed with the help of powerful generators. Gardeners, who used the fumigation, noted that only with his help they were able to bring moles. Although until this tried and trap, and windmills, and repellents.

Powerful generators direct the movement of poisonous gases, as a result, the poison cloud spreads rapidly through all the branches of the tunnel. Moles are dying, and they don't bother you anymore.

How to get rid of a mole in the suburban area? Choose a method that you like, and start the fight.

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