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Chanel's new "practical" 31 handbags, let the first-line stars take turns to perform,
Started by helloonline

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12-15-2018, 07:24 AM -
Chanel's new "practical" 31 handbag is more than just a mouthful. It's really practical, with its unique contour lines, soft construction and a variety of carrying styles, so that it can be folded into different shapes as needed. This is the charm of the Replica Chanel Handbags Outlet.

Folding casual fashion, hand-cuffed, can be folded into a handbag, and with a shoulder strap turned into a shoulder bag, even Cai Xukun is in love, the brand spirit of creativity, aesthetics and bold characteristics show each other!

"Ruyi Queen" Zhou Xun as the brand image of Chanel's spokesperson, holding a new chanel31 handbag, strolling in the streets of foreign countries, smart and lively, street patted into a movie stills, only Zhou Xun.

This Replica Discount Luxury Handbag is particularly prominent: its name is not only a tribute to Chanel Kangpeng Street No. 31, but also a clever borrowing of the French saying "semettresurson31 (meaning dressing up)".

Supermodel Liu Wen wearing a floral dress, with this new handbag is also very good-looking, you can also slash the handcuffs can also be folded as a handbag, size is big enough really "practical", matte plaid Pure black is more classic, so "beauty" is the rhythm of out of stock?

Liu Wen's interpretation of this floral 31 handbag, there is a wonderful collision, supermodel plus, stylish and natural, can be hand-held or carrying, showing a new fashionable attitude.

At the forefront of fashion, Cai Xukun and the Fashionable Fake Chanel Handbags show a new and fashionable attitude. Between the classic and the handsome, the combination of the two complements each other, and the exclusive and his fashion will not be defined.

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