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History of bookmakers
Started by gava

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02-22-2019, 11:09 PM -
Life as a game and sport is without exception. It has always had both winners and losers. Some rest on their laurels, others are waiting for the bitterness of defeat. But! Even after the failure of your favorite team, you can still win - you just need to make the right bet! Now betting is a huge multi-billion dollar industry, and once it all started with simple disputes about who is better..
The history of the emergence

It is believed that sports betting originated in the days of the Roman Empire. In those years, the main fun of all the gentlemen were gladiatorial combat and it was there that began to make the first bets in the history of "interest", predicting the victory of one of the participants in the bloody battles.

The first BC was opened by John Moore in 1922 in the English city of Liverpool and was called "Littlewoods Pools of Liverpool".
The first analogues of modern BC date back to the middle of the 18th century, when France was ruled by king Louis XVI. It was he who introduced the term" handicap "(from the English" handicap " - handicap, advantage), which determined the handicap for horse races. It should be noted that then the races were of a practical nature: the winner did not receive any prizes and titles, so only the owners of the best horses were determined.
The birthplace of bookmaking

But be that as it may, the birthplace of betting has always been considered the UK. Fred Swindell and Levitan Davis are the pioneers of this business. They were able to popularize the activities of bookmakers throughout London and establish the first legal betting shops.

The very concept of " bookmaker pinup "originated in the early 20-ies and though literally means" creating a book, "but in fact the meaning is transmitted as"taking a bet."
Great impetus to the development of bookmaking gave the emergence of football in the late 19th century in England. The popularity of this sport gained momentum every day, and thanks to the media and journalists covering the games of the national championship, bets on the next round with different coefficients for the victory of a team began to appear.

The well – known saying "Bread and circuses" describes the whole essence of betting: any sporting event is a mass of spectacular moments on which enterprising bookmakers can earn good money.
The game in the bookmakers can not be called purely gambling entertainment. The word excitement, first of all, implies risk. If you bet on roulette, you hope only for the favor of lady fortune. Sports betting is something else. Here, to achieve positive results, it is not enough to be just lucky. A professional better should know the statistics thoroughly and be able to analyze. Let's say a stockbroker-you wouldn't call him a gambler, would you?.. The same situation is with professional betters.

Many sports betting fans think that playing in a bookmaker and betting is the same thing. In fact, we're talking about two very different things. The principle they have one - you need to predict the winner of a particular sporting event. But! In the sweepstakes all players are given the same task. For example, guess the names of the semi-finalists of a tennis tournament, or offered a certain line of ten football matches, where you need to predict the names of the winning teams.

The first mechanical device for registration of betting (the tote) was invented by Aspergum. It was first tested in New Zealand (1880).
The prize Fund is formed from the total amount of money invested by the players. The forecaster who guessed the highest number of outcomes will receive the main prize. If several winners are revealed, they will divide the entire amount among themselves in equal parts. The institution will always remain in the black, because it will receive a certain percentage from each rate. Now many rating bookmakers in the network also offer their users the "sweepstakes" section.
Further development of the industry

Bookmaker craft quickly became very profitable. Points of acceptance of rates every day became more and more, independent bookmakers were not new any more. To start you need the desire, money and familiarity with basic literature. The logical result is oversaturation of the market and a shortage of new customers. Small BC under pressure of market realities quickly went bankrupt, and in business there were the most experienced players who, by the way, also suffered from the rolled crisis.

But the way out of the situation was found - migration to the network. For the first time Americans started talking about it, who decided to increase profits from sports betting through worldwide promotion. This transition process could not be called smooth: the main stumbling block is the technical aspect, because in those days not every player could boast of having his own PC.

The first official bet on the Internet was made in 1972 in Canada.
Technological difficulties did not allow the case to develop as quickly as betters would like. However, this offline business in the United States was banned, and the network people could bet around the clock, without geographical restrictions, anywhere where there was access to the "world wide web". The real boom of online bookmaking began in the mid-90s of the last century. It was in those years that new operators began to appear, the number of which grew not only overseas, but also on the European continent. Many governments have put a spoke in the wheel and strongly prohibited this kind of activity, but thanks to the offshore zones now officially operate dozens of the most rated bookmakers with a world name.
BC in our days

With the growing popularity of various sports also grew in popularity and bookmakers. Now you can bet even on such "exotic" disciplines as eSports competitions. Bookmaking craft is constantly evolving: operators are trying to attract a new audience and so today you can bet on the winner of the presidential race in the United States, the next winner of the Oscar, or even try to predict the weather for the near future (for example, it will rain in California, or not).

Some rating BC from Europe and the States accept such unusual rates as, for example, the chances of the resignation of the presidents of the world powers, the possibility of landing aliens on the moon, the size of the penis of Donald trump and much more.
It is natural that such interesting lines entice in ranks of players of the people far from sports in General. The human thirst for various forecasts will never weaken and now it is moving into a new, civilized channel – betting online, which, no doubt, the future in the development of the gambling industry.
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03-01-2019, 12:41 PM -
It was interesting to read. I understand little in rates but my husband read it with pleasure and even made some marks for himself. I understood that she became very helpful to him. He often does not bet because there is no extra money, but what he earns is not going to spend. After all, I am against it. Maybe it will start to win sometime well then he will have a bigger bank. Now he wins exactly as much as he spends.
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03-04-2019, 07:29 PM -
Useful information in the subject. read with pleasure. Betting is my weakness. My experience as a bookmaker is four years and I still learn and study because there are a lot of nuances in sports betting. To beat the office in the long run is not good enough to understand the sport. And you need to specialize in specific championships and sports. To do the analysis and the main forecast.
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03-09-2019, 05:15 AM -
Good day and happy day to all. It seems to me that winning in a bookmaker depends on simple luck. I just thought that I could win a bookmaker using some techniques and the best strategies. Moreover, even mathematical calculations were used, but this did not help me. Then I decided to just not thinking what kind of teams to make my sports betting and chose just like that and was able to win two times. Such is my experience. Of course, someone will argue and say this is not so, but everyone has personal experience
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03-23-2019, 04:34 AM -
It seems to me that each of us should make our own sports bets based on the fact that he himself likes and suits. For example, I use a strategy and my friend makes sports bets fully relying on his intuition. So here you can argue ad infinitum. All this is not important to win.

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