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M2O goes steam!
Started by MyU

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03-02-2017, 01:41 AM -
Hello community,
Today we have to make a bigger announcement than ever before, as hinted in some of our RC releases we now want to move to the steam version of Mafia 2.
Regarding our decision we have to tell you some things about the future of Mafia 2 Online, but it'll be brighter than before that's for sure!

Some of you already noticed - our current versions of M2O are plagued by crashes, bugs, more crashes, dirt. And that's why we want to move on to something new and fresh the current code base we are using (from the old M2MP team) is not a good way to continue apart from many security problems we're facing it's not pleasant to work with OR future-proof.

My/our recent success with getting around the anti tampering present in the steam version of Mafia 2 contributed to the fact to move on, we'll update you guys about our progress as fast as possible but for now we'll leave you with a quick Q&A part regarding many things.

Please ask questions if things are unclear - the new version will be a fresh start for us and you.

Will the new mod be backwards compatible?
Depends - on how you describe "backwards compatible" simply said your old modes made in M2O should still work but minor changes need to be made but these shouldn't stop you from updating your mod in a short time we'll try our best to keep old modes working and if we can't we'll try to provide you with tools which will help you.

Do I need the Mafia 2 Steam version to play M2O?
Yes - we'll not support any other (especially cracked) version.

Why do you guys don't support cracked versions anymore?
It has multiple reasons, the obvious being legal problems we could face but the important one is that we don't want to be unrespectful against the developers of the game we enjoy - Mafia 2.
It has benefits for server providers and us one being steam id based bans to keep pesky players away from your server and the other one no legal problems for M2O and maybe communication with the developers / publishers of the game.
People also been using different versions of the game which resulted in a lot of confusion and not defined behavior - steam will solve this problem as there's only ONE version.

Will the new mod be open source?
We discussed about that and decided to not open source the new mod, one reason being security (we recently had an incident) and the extra effort we need to put in to separate our code base from security related code like anti cheat's and so on but the game sdk may be open source one day - we don't know.

What happens with the current M2O?:
We won't focus on the old base this means no major improvements may be done - but we'll push out updates occasionally.

When will you guys be done with the new version?:
When it's done - it sounds really vague but we simply can't say we do our best to finish it as fast as possible we'll try to keep you guys up-to-date with some sort of weekly update.

your Mafia 2 Online Team: @Tyldar, @MyU, @Inlife, @ZaKlaus.
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