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Neverwinter the secondary is Zen Points
Started by gamemmx

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06-04-2019, 06:05 AM -
MMORPG gaming has traditionally been a PC gaming thing. While some games have tried to find MMO success on console, most fail miserably. Neverwinter on Xbox One is giving it a whirl, giving Xbox gamers some D&D action. But can it deliver that real MMORPG experience. To get an idea, there is a separate inventory tab that is totally devoted to nothing but the different currencies in the game. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Yes, it is necessary due to the many different types of money, but they really shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

Neverwinter Ardent Coins is obtainable through invocation and spent through a special interface. Used to purchase certain types of seals which are then used to purchase equipment between certain levels. Neverwinter Celestial Coins is obtainable through invocation and spent through a special interface. Decays over time. Can be used to purchase pointless party poppers or if lucky enough a pack of items that are useful enough like theiving kits etc.

Neverwinter currency converter let’s you explore most ways of obtaining a certain currency on the market. Let’s take Guild Marks for example. It is pretty obvious that you can buy all sorts of items on the Auction House that you can donate to the Stronghold Coffers, but did you know that you can use Trade Bars as well? The Trade Bar store offers Rank 7 Enchantments that can be donated. This might not be news to some, but browsing through the currencies that the converter offers, you might find unexpected combinations.

Neverwinter the secondary is Zen Points. This is the out-of-game currency used to purchase items from the Zen Market. Zen is purchased with real life currency and used to purchase items not obtainable in game, but playable in game. Others in Neverwinter are Gold/Silver/Copper, Seals, and other miscellaneous currencies. Cheap Neverwinter AD is on sale and you want to get more and more information about Neverwinter, check out our website rvgm.com.

Seals are earned through quest drops and tradable with specific Seal Merchants, usually for very high value gear. Almost every currency is placed in Riches tab of your inventory. Only Bounty tokens are held in usual inventory slots. Some vendors offer items for more than one currency, there are even shops accepting almost every major currency in game. Companion vendor in Grand Emporium in Protector Enclave is example of such shop.

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