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System for winning at the casino
Started by gava

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02-22-2019, 11:14 PM -
System for winning at the casino
Everyone who comes to the casino hopes for good luck. Since this young lady is very changeable, the question arises: are there any systems that allow, if not guaranteed to win, then get an advantage over the gambling house?

Answer the most impatient-Yes, there are. Some are more effective, others less... but still play, adhering to the chosen strategy, much more profitable than at random.

For example, a simple calculation of the eliminated cards in blackjack gives the player an advantage over the gambling house of about 1%. However, the system works only when playing in the Life-hall, and is significantly complicated by the fact that the casino pin up casino uses not one deck, but five or six at once. In the online game, this method is useless, as for the loss of a card is responsible for the random number generator.
We will talk about a system that significantly increases the chances of winning at roulette, and it does not matter whether you are playing with a computer program or a live dealer. The method is called "Dozens" and is one of the most reliable today.

In roulette provides well-defined types of bets and fixed odds payouts. For example, putting on a specific number from 0 to 36, the amount of payment will be 35: 1. At a bet of $1, a successful spin of the wheel will bring a win of $36. You can bet on the odds: odd/even, black/red, more/less (numbers 1-18 and 19-36), which are paid 1:1. There are bets on dozens (Dozen), that is, on twelve numbers at once with a payout ratio of 2:1. If you bet a dozen$ 10, the win will be $ 30.

All numbers on the playing field are divided into three dozen: the first includes numbers from 1 to 12, the second — from 13 to 24, the third, respectively - from 25 to 36.

Why the strategy of winning is built around a dozen?

You probably noticed that sometimes some number (or more) in the game does not fall very long. It can last over 300 spins of the wheel! Therefore, a growing bet on the same number, as a rule, rests on the maximum limit of the table.

Dozens of them change regularly. Companies developers of software for online gambling control that for a long game all dozens fell out approximately equal number of times that plays into our hands.

Turn-based strategy game on dozens:

1. Before the game we concede at least two spins of a roulette wheel (making the number of the idle) and see what falls out of a dozen.

Bet on a dozen THAT haven't dropped out the last few times $1 (or other minimum bet depending on your budget and maximum table limit). The maximum bet limit for dozens is usually limited to $300-500 when playing online roulette, and $1000 for The life hall. Please check this option before you start the game and do not place large initial bets.

In our example, the first dozen did not fall out several times, we put it on it.

2. Win? Wonderful! Take away $3 and again put $1 on a dozen, which did not fall out the last few spins. If you lose, you bet $2 on the same dozen.

3. Lose - raise your bet to $3.

4. If you lose again — double the bet. Now we bet $6 on the same dozen.

5. If we lose, we bet $12.

6. Bad luck again? Increase the bet to $24 (we lost $24, and winning will get $72 and will be in the black for $48).

7. If the bet is not played again, then double. At stake is $48 and it's only in our hands, because in case of winning the payment will be $144.

8. Put $96. Usually by this point a dozen already falls, but if not, then double again. Recall that the win will bring $288, plus $192 to the account. Good, right?

9. We bet $ 200. If he does not play, then at the next level we raise up to $400. Here it is worth Recalling about the bet limit for a dozen. It is small bets that make it possible not to rest against the maximum at the ninth step. It is important that you can stick to the chosen strategy for a long time, otherwise you will lose. One dozen may not fall out up to 15 times! Of course, this happens rarely (often requires up to 5-10 bets), but it is better to have in stock these 15 spins.

10. Then we stick to the system and double the bets until our dozen falls out.

The described strategy is as simple and accessible as possible and, if you correctly calculate your capabilities before the game starts, significantly increases the chances of success. Remember that the system does not guarantee a 100% win. Do not forget that the casino will not allow you to increase the bet indefinitely and on its side there is always an advantage of 2.7% in the form of insidious zero.

Along the way, we note that you can put not only directly on a dozen, but also on all the rooms in its composition, pairs, streets and so on at your discretion. Most importantly - evenly cover the entire selected dozen. Good luck and big wins!
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02-26-2019, 12:03 PM -
Hello! I have a question for you. How do you manage to successfully play in a casino? Do you have a strategy in this? How much did you manage to win at the casino? I often hear from my friends positive reviews about the Pin-up casino, but still I don’t rush to play for money. I want to register and play in the free version for now. What could you advise me to start? In what form can win the most?
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03-04-2019, 07:08 PM -
My friend constantly argues with me about the casino and claims that the casino is impossible to replay. But if in the casino it was impossible to win there no one would ever play. And if the players always mean a lot, you can still beat the institution. When I started to play in the free version, I always tested slot machines. I tested for a long time and changed the sizes of the bets and thus determined which of the automata could really give me a win. And then, while transferring money to the bank, I used this tactic and often helped.
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03-06-2019, 08:00 AM -
Bratan! You also started to play in the free version and I realized that you need to test the slot machines and determine which one can really win? And what are the maximum or minimum replenishments at the casino? What do you think about poker? After all, this is the only game with which the casino does not receive money from players. And winning or losing depends solely on your skills.
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03-09-2019, 01:01 PM -
Hello. I will be frank. I do not believe in the presence of any strategy in online casinos. It simply does not exist. In a casino, a large percentage is accounted for by luck. A mathematical program in the machine will not allow to find the keys to it. Only luck and intuition will help to achieve success.

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