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behind me who didn
Started by ylq

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10-14-2019, 08:17 AM -
Hey! It was a rainy day, and the rain outside the sky continued to flow. I sat in front of the window, staring at the thin, soft rain, but my thoughts had already returned to that day. He is my best friend from childhood to childhood. In my childhood, we played happily together every day without hesitation. When I was in elementary school, I went to school together every day, and went home together, but all of this disappeared in the rainy day. Today, I forgot to bring an umbrella, what can I do!" After school, I frowned and looked at the rain outside and complained. "Afraid of anything, have me, let's use my umbrella together." I nodded and walked out of the classroom with him Online Cigarettes. When I was on the road, there was a group of girls behind me who didn��t know what to talk about. I didn��t care about it at first, but later, the discussion was getting louder and louder, with laughter and fingering in the middle. I listened carefully. I found out that they were talking about sharing an umbrella. At this time, a male student gave us a meaningful look and whistled us. At this time, he spoke: "Don't ignore them, let's go." But I couldn't help it. I ignored him. I rushed into the rain curtain and went to school the next day. I didn't call him as usual. One person left first. When he came to school, he didn't ask me why he didn't call him. In this way, our relationship was unfamiliar. Later, the teacher adjusted the seat. I no longer had communication with him, and the relationship gradually became stranger. The good times that I spent together can only be a good memory. Later, we sat together again, and the relationship gradually eased, but he seems to have ignored my apologetic heart. I am no longer as friendly as I used to be. I regret the performance of him. But he never trusts the friendship between us. Every time I am not ignoring it, I am doing it. Everything outside the window has become blurred, and my tears have collapsed and dripped into my heart. Sorry, friend, please look back. There is a heart and a friendship waiting for recognition Newport Cigarettes, a sincere friendship Cigarettes Online. Teacher Comments: The article is novel and has written a strong desire to get friendship, but the language needs to be beautified.
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