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y of a communist. "Applause to others, pass with a smile; criticism of others, bear i
Started by ylq

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04-30-2020, 03:01 AM -
I stood quietly on the field of hope, waiting for the dawn ... the fragrance of the earth. I meditate, I look forward. Contemplate the story of an old man and look forward to the harvest of this field. In this field of hope, an old man grew up. The old man is 84 years old this year. He often talks about his past. His kind face was already engraved with traces of history, and the hardship of the years had already eroded his youthful vigor Wholesale Cigarettes. In his life, he always held an old heart, a heart that bowed to the party and the people. The old man wrote a legendary life and a gorgeous life with his firm belief and enthusiasm for serving the people. Time flies, dawn still, old people's dedication and blood still. The hazy mountain reflects the white color of the fish belly, and the long Tongkeng water never stops flowing. At the age of 19, he resolutely joined the army, determined to serve the country, and became a member of the Volunteer Army for the Resistance against the US. Since then, his childish face has added a bit of fortitude and strength. "People are responsible for the rise and fall of the country." How many days and nights he missed his hometown and his loved ones! The wind in the northeast was swaying, minus ten degrees, twenty degrees, thirty degrees ... three feet of freezing, snowflakes flying. For the sake of the country and for the home, the march was rough on the march, and there were guns and bullets on the battlefield. He stood up. The cloud and smoke surrounded by the hills had not dispersed. The old man's eyes were full of tears. Only to work hard to cultivate this field of hope. In the field, there is always his busy figure; in life, he always circulates his good people and good deeds. At that time, he understood that ��the value of life is not in length, but in its thickness and width�� Cheap Cigarettes. He was dedicated to solving the worries of the people and doing practical work for the people. He became a grassroots cadre. This has been done for 30 years Cigarettes Online. He has witnessed the changes of this land with his youth; he has made extraordinary contributions in this ordinary post with the sense of mission and responsibility of a communist. "Applause to others, pass with a smile; criticism of others, bear in mind" is his life creed. The old man stood quietly on this field of hope, and the sunset sunset pulled his shadow long. The old man's eyes did not have the glory of the past, but I clearly saw green flowers in his eyes, blooming in this field of hope. The old man said he had a wish: "Fix the water conservancy and facilitate the farmers' irrigation." After the tall and vicissitudes of the old man, I saw the clear water flowing into the fields from the irrigation canals, and even into the hearts of the people. I walked through this field of hope and smelled the harvest of rice fields. What seems to come to mind? What strength supports the old man. A soldier of more than ten years, a cadre of more than thirty years, a member of the Communist Party of China in more than fifty years. There is only one answer. It is a heart that serves the people selflessly. On the field of hope, the old man is still silently dedicating
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