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Mafia III
Third installment of Mafia series.

Personally,  I think 60-70's theme belongs to game titles like Driver, and most certainly not Mafia. Having Vito in M3 sounds to me as cheap and forced as that mission where you had to kill Tommy. Its like WTF?! Vito, some poor ass wannabee mafioso who never reached the top gets to kill Tommy. Jeesh. "Hey why dont we have Vito in our game? - Oh yeah fans will love it!" Suuure they will. This is how they fucked up Terminator 5 and recent Star Wars.
It looks like that actuall driving and overall physics gonna suck big time. Very similar to GTA V whose car handling and behavior on the road were inferior to GTA 4 and M2. Honestly I thought that after M2 and Gta 4, Gta V will have very balanced and realistic driving but when I tried it... jeesh. Welcome back to Gta 3. The only hope I had that MAFIA devs wont fuck it up and wont bow down to casual call of duty >2 console players and will stay true to driving mechanics that were set in predecettors. But, from trailers it looks like we're getting another midtown madness 2.

So, how do you mafia guys feel about it?

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I actually REALLY like the 1960's and 1970's, I think it's a great idea to set this setting for the upcoming Mafia game, the enviroment and culture of the time we're astonishing and if 2K can bring even a little bit of this time to the setting of the game it would be hysterical.
Mafia 2 was in the 50's and 40's ~ and I think it's a great opportunity to continue Vito and Joe's stories.
I think the most I'm excited for in the new game is not just the enviroment but the soundtrack, it's crystal clear the seventies and the sixties were two of the greatest decades in human history when it comes to music, I really hope to see some classics in the soundtrack.

Pleasant Discussion.
After a long, drawn-out, unofficial tease trailer that never caught my personal attention for the very reason that I don't agree with the concept nor the era that they've placed Mafia III. Even as a select bunch of fans hung on the idea that this is going to be a great game and while they've got every right to look forward to a new-sequel announcement for a new Mafia series. By all rights, you should have the right to enjoy it. By all rights, you should as a fan of the Mafia series look forward to this released as a game, and be as excited as you have been about any major, new-sequel announcement. Will I be buying it, no I will not. As I stated earlier, the trailer never got my attention at all. Instead, quite the opposite I disagree with the plot the game takes place in the booming 60's, and revolves around a Vietnam Veteran in New Orleans who wants to start his own criminal enterprise with his friends one of whom is rumored to be Vito Scaletta. I'm not a huge fan of the 60's to begin with. And while 2K Games made a bad decision I still stand behind Mafia I and Mafia II but will never stand behind Mafia III, nor purchase it. Do I have hopes for Mafia III? No. I'd enjoy an open world twice the size of Empire Bay if not a larger expansively open Empire Bay set in the 30's or 40's after WWII, I believe it is too much of a task for any studio to tackle. I feel that 2K let a lot fans of the series down and so have a lot of other game developers, we need a game that lets us control the environment and give us a story that'll keep us interested and on our feet we should be able to sit down and be excited to complete the story sitting on the edge of our couches or chairs, instead in this instance this won't be me. A lot of games these days are all about this quoted "fun" and "exciting" but in the end we get the opposite result of an underdeveloped game that doesn't give us the freedom or excitement that we want. I'm very disappointed with 2K and I wish them the best of luck on selling Mafia III. I'm very in touch with the Mafia series community and have friends who have been fans of the series of the series since Mafia I and I know a lot of them will just like me; not buy the game. But, however that is just my two cents I think it will be underdeveloped, I hate the plot and I think the game will fall flat on its face, I wouldn't enjoy it. Period.
To add to what I had said earlier, it seems that Vito Scaletta will be in the game and that is just about the worst idea I've heard from 2K. The concept is awful and too rushed.
WELP, the driving is not that bad as I thought it would be. Atleast the car has inertia and doesnt brake by itself, which I liked. Too bad theres such thing as speed sensitivity implemented which makes precise controls of car on high speed impossible. Graphics are worse than M2. :/
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