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M2MP 1b rc3 ? and MafiaTurk
When it comes to the new update for the game? I publish my site Meanwhile mode. There is a large audience they want only the correct version of the turkey.

Turkish mafia 2 multiplayer modes such as google download'm going first. Site familiar opened in 2013. I do not mind, I was the site of their download page. My Download Page M2MP == Click

But if I may. I want to be the publisher of this mode turkey. Current maintenance is me. Indir.mafiaturk.org he'll turn on you allow the download page in the google redirect page there my download link, I will publish Mafia 2 multiplayer modes.

There is also the Turkish mafia 2 multiplayer Forum.

Translate Google.

Mafia 2 Online Türkçe forum görevlisi.

I'm sorry but I have to say that I couldn't understand any part of your thread.

Moved to the right section.
Is my English is not very good out briefly when a new version and I would publications mode if I issue my own site? In Turkish. Many visitors come to my site.

Mafia 2 Online Türkçe forum görevlisi.

I think he's asking if he could officially represent your mod in Turkey using his website.
Oh ok, I see.

We will think about it.

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