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Mafia III
Third installment of Mafia series.

Personally,  I think 60-70's theme belongs to game titles like Driver, and most certainly not Mafia. Having Vito in M3 sounds to me as cheap and forced as that mission where you had to kill Tommy. Its like WTF?! Vito, some poor ass wannabee mafioso who never reached the top gets to kill Tommy. Jeesh. "Hey why dont we have Vito in our game? - Oh yeah fans will love it!" Suuure they will. This is how they fucked up Terminator 5 and recent Star Wars.
It looks like that actuall driving and overall physics gonna suck big time. Very similar to GTA V whose car handling and behavior on the road were inferior to GTA 4 and M2. Honestly I thought that after M2 and Gta 4, Gta V will have very balanced and realistic driving but when I tried it... jeesh. Welcome back to Gta 3. The only hope I had that MAFIA devs wont fuck it up and wont bow down to casual call of duty >2 console players and will stay true to driving mechanics that were set in predecettors. But, from trailers it looks like we're getting another midtown madness 2.

So, how do you mafia guys feel about it?

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