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[Server list] M2-multiplayer
Hi guys!

Today, I revived my old server list for Mafia 2 multiplayer, which I originally opened like 2 years ago as an unofficial Czech/Slovak suport.

It includes basic features, since M2-MP query was not able to detect more server properties when the server list was initially developed.
  • You can list through ALL M2-MP servers currently online. I could add a button to show also offline servers later, if you want. 
  • Ablility to see current players/ total players count of a server.
  • Ablility to see Gamemode name
  • Ability to generate Image signature for a server 
  • Ability to see total players / servers count on the whole multiplayer
  • Multilanguage support (currently only English / Slovak)
  • Unofficial mirror server for downloading Mafia 2 multiplayer files (there was a time when the official homepage was not available, so I created a mirror)
In the future, I would also like to add a support for M2-Online servers (I hope i will add them shortly after the release) and create an API for server owners (this wil allow them to create online chat, online map, detailed players status for their webpage, etc...).

The server list updates itself every one hour, unlike Image signatures, which are always REAL TIME, so there could be significant difference in players count.
The Banner the banner looks very simple example to develop the current server.

Mafia 2 Online Türkçe forum görevlisi.

I dont know the servers name is : Good Company Gaming - 24/7 Conquest

were you looking for a server named LSE maybe?
<a href="http://club-3t.ru/tags/GTA 5/">чит коды gta 5 ps4</a>
Maybe you can support for other languages - like english - too ^^
Thanks in Advance!

Or you can make it public on Github so that we can help you so that you mustn't do anything except accepting pull request and upload to the website Smile
Thank you for your suggestions. I currently do not plan to open-source the website, but suggestions are always welcome. I can send you language file, if you want, you can create translation for whatever language you want.

As I said, my plans are to create API for server owners. With the API, it will be possible to create online chat, online map, get detailed players status, etc... Im just waiting for the first stable version to be released.

And for the features coming: registration, login, basic server managing, new comments, adding custom servers to server list(useful when your server is not publicly listed in masterlist) all that is ready to be pulled to public, and will be pulled shortly after the first version of M2Online.

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