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0.1 RC2 has been released!
[Image: logo.png]


After weeks of fixing bugs and crashes we now have a new release candidate of version 0.1 for you. We would like to invite you to test the latest version and report all bugs that you discover on our new bug tracker bugs.mafia2-online.com


- Fixed crash related to nametags rendering.
- Fixed crash after spawning cars on player connect.
- Fixed crash when quitting game while being on server.
- Fixed crash when quitting game or leaving server while sitting in vehicle.
- Fixed crash related to making screenshots while game window was in windowed mode that was matching dimensions to the display size.
- Fixed setting of vehicle parameters (color etc) right after vehicle spawn by script.
- Fixed colors in chat, in nametags and client-side scripting method getPlayerColour.
- Fixed incorrect count of players returned by server-side getPlayers scripting method.
- Fixed problem when mod was overriding game data files wrong way. (Particles are back!)
- Fixed problem with disappearing character after removing car while sitting in it.
- Fixed connecting to different server when connection to one server was closed.
- Fixed audio not stopping when leaving the server.
- Fixed installer not getting custom path and using the default path always.
- Fixed high cpu usage when server is idle.
- Fixed possible crashes related to license plate setting.
- Fixed various issues with gui mouse.
- Fixed various memory leaks.
- Fixed various smaller crashes and bugs.
- Improved nametags rendering so those are rendered under all overlay elements.
- Improved rendering of multiplayer overlay graphics.
- Improved peds synchronization.
- Improved vehicle color setting/getting.
- Improved installer so it uses the current install path in case of update.
- Improved error reporting in case exe checksum calculation fails.
- Updated all libraries to new versions on whole codebase.
- Updated license distributed with installer.
- Various optimizations related both to CPU and network usage.
- Replaced crashrpt library with custom crash dump generator.
- Removed vehicles client-side spawn delay.
- Removed tons of unsused code.

Lots of fixes right? Unfortunately we still have some issues that we are aware of and we have plans to fix them before releasing the final 0.1 version.

Known issues:

- Game is crashing when player is changing his model while being in vehicle.
- Sometimes cars are underground. To fix it you need to enter and exit car.
- Sometimes when all cars from map are destroyed you are not able to create new car.
- When spawning vehicle those are always locked.
- Server scripts are completely broken after restarting resource via server console.
- Client scripts are not resent to clients after restarting resource.
- Sometimes mouse is stuck in windowed mode.
- Changing video settings in menu is broken.
- Servers from different release candidate are showing for all the clients.
- When disconnected from server sometimes message box does not show proper reason.
- On foot sync is inaccurate and your position may be slightly different for different players.


Go to download page - mafia2-online.com/download

Have fun!
Mafia 2 Online Team
Nice, guys!
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Nice vork

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