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[Multi] Night City RolePlay [EN/RU]
[Image: vk_header2.png]

Hello guys! Smile

We've opened a new Mafia 2 Online server Night City RolePlay in Open Beta Test mode.

- Server is already working! Yes, you can start playing right now! Big Grin
- Multi-language support. Currently we are supporting english and russian interface languages.
- You can play in the big, dynamic, international server, make new friends and, find people which can speak your language.
- You can choose between various legal and illegal types money income sources.
- You can choose your own path of character development, starting from as docker, or bus driver, to becoming the head of the mob family.
- Money rule the world. Make some money, and you can rule the world too!
- Server administrators are friendly and reliable.
- We are trying to implement new features on the regular base.
- We are looking at the feedback from our users and trying to maintain health release cycle.

Latest updates:

Update 1 (03 december 16):

- added new job (station porter) at Train Station in Dipton
- added position saving for player after logout
- added welcome text (to help you understand)
- added nametags rendering
- simplified some jobs
- changed blip target color to yellow
- changed command /eat and /drink, they are now free (for some time)
- fixed 3d text creation for some occasions
- fixed blip creation for some occasions
- removed level checking (for some time)
- blocked free enter to police cars
- weapons are now removed at connect

Update 2 (04 december 16):

- added new bank office in the city center (another II icon on the map)
- added ability to find money in the trash containers via /dig
- added 3d texts for some of the trash containers
- added engine commands /engine (on|off)
- added Q button bind for start/stop engine
- changed vehicle lights bind to the R button
- changed defaut chat channel to OOC
- slightly changed chat colors
- improvements in the subway module
- improvements in the taxi job
- improvements for the input the bus driver job and car shop
- other various minor fixes and improvements

Update 3 (05 december 16)

- added support for multiple langauges (if you want to help translating, let us know!)
- added partial russian interface translation (switch lags via /ru /en)
- added ability to purchase businesses, via /business buy (more income!)
- added unemployment compensation (if you are struggling w/ finding work)
- added player health saving after exit
- added more tips :D
- changed repair price for vehicle from $75.00 to $49.00
- added keyboard layout settings, info /layout
- added azerty layout, /layout azerty. Binds are remapped accordingly to same positions for qwerty layout
- various small fixes and improvements


You can contact us via:
- Our official discord server: bit.ly/nc-rp
- Our official vk group: vk.com/m2ncrp

See you in the game!
And have fun Tongue
Great server, check it out! Smile
(12-05-2016, 09:54 PM)JesusJunior Wrote: Great server, check it out! Smile

Thank you! Smile

P.S. Also, thanks for helping figuring out bug with registration. A little bounty has been added to your game account Wink
Nice, i am with you! Thats great
(12-17-2016, 04:30 PM)James Miller Wrote: Nice, i am with you! Thats great

Thank you!
I really appreciate that! )

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