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0.1 RC4 has been released !
[Image: 560c7870-9186-11e6-86ba-a6a24ccf0162.png]

0.1 RC4 Release


Hello world !

It has been a long time since our last but not least release, we finally succeed to finish our roadmap for that RC.

This version was focused on bugfixing and making the mod "more stable". So we rewrited large parts of the game interaction classes, removed old way of calling game natives to replace them by a "more secure" way.

We also added some features that was requested by the community!


You have to know that RootKiller, one of our developer left the project due to a lack of time, maybe we will see him again in a few months...
Anyway, thanks for what he did on our mod!

So we open applications for the dev team, if you have skills in reverse engineering and C++ development, feel free to contact us Big Grin


Totally rewrited ingame chat /Rootkiller
Fixed RemovePlayerFromVehicle/PutPlayerInVehicle natives /Tyldar
Fixed incorrect function parameters for setPlayerWantedLevel /Tyldar
Fixed player model sync /Tyldar
Fixed "underground cars" bug /Inlife
Reversed C_Vehicle::SetCarDamage /Tyldar
Fixed attachBlipToPlayer native and removed default player blip /Tyldar
Added disableTranslocator(bool) scripting client method /Tyldar
Added guiChangeImage scripting method /Tyldar
Disabled the default blips from shops and better shops disabling /Myu
Removed the mainMenu background and added the game's original ones /Tyldar
Fixed bug where player don't spawn if there is no clientscript to transfer /Tyldar
Patched places where game engine auto trigger on/off things (lights etc..) /Tyldar
Fixed occasional crash that occurs with GUI /Tyldar
Added getPlayerWeaponBullet(playerid); scripting method /Tyldar
Fixed bug where you still have previous server weapons when connecting to a new one /Tyldar
Fixed getVehicleBeaconLightState native that was always returning false /Tyldar
Fixed bug where guiGetSize and guiGetPosition return the same values /Tyldar
Fixed crash that occurs when quitting the game when you have scripted ingame GUI /Tyldar
Added guiSetSizable and guiSetMovable scripting natives /Tyldar
Fixed bug where only Empire Central radio play on the free frequencies  /Tyldar
Removed mentions of "Hosted Tab", we don't have and don't want. /Tyldar
Fixed and improved 3DTextLabel /Tyldar
Added setPlayerPosition client scripting method /Inlife
Added setPlayerRotation client scripting method /Inlife
Added setPlayerHealth client scripting method /Inlife
Added startResource scripting method /Inlife
Added stopResource scripting method /Inlife
Added restartResource scripting method /Inlife
Added dxLoadTexture client scripting method /Inlife
Added dxDrawTexture client scripting method /Inlife
Added dxDestroyTexture client scripting method /Inlife
Improved and fixed linux compilation /Zaklaus


RC5 will come with those features :
- Fixed last crashes
- Fixed hand models, animations
- Auto-updater
- Rewrited and powerful in-vehicle/on-foot/shooting sync


Go to download page - mafia2-online.com/download

(Linux Build is coming)


* I've the error where "sdsmpconf.bin" is missing
- Just rename the file "sdsconfig_m2mp.bin" in "sdsmpconf.bin" in your Mafia2 Game directory /edit directory
[Image: wiki-changes.php]
Thank you for all the effort you put in this project guys, keep it up!
Good new, everyone! Big Grin
Good update! GJ Smile
Nice work. Wink
Nice working Big Grin

Mafia 2 Online Türkçe forum görevlisi.

Great Job! :>
Well done!
Very nice! Keep it up guys.
Looking forward to soon developing a Roleplay server - Awaiting to see the progress on this project first however! Keep tuned ..
i love it nice work

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