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Can't connect to server
Hello everyone,

I set up a server on Linux as I wanted to play around with M2O, I joined the server to find out it was empty (duhh, but I didn't except I'd spawn in a bugged environment), restarted the server to create a resource and changed the config but am now unable to join the server, even if I get rid of the resource again. It connects to the server, then the message box fades out and I read the title changes to "Disconnected from server". It's not my or the server's firewall. The only thing that visually changed from the server starting process is that now it doesn't connect to the masterlist, whereas before I got a message that it did. I also no longer see "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is attempting to connect" or something similiar in the console, whereas before I did. It also does not appear in the masterlist despite me having signed the server up for it.

This is what the server outputs when starting.
[Image: 842e8258a7.png]

Can anyone help, please?

Seems to have gone up twice in a row now, hoping it'll stay that way.

Now it won't start properly again, whenever it does start good it'll say that it connected to the masterlist.

I probably figured out the problem, due to SA:MP I've got a habit of starting servers like
./start-svr &
when I do that, somehow it doesn't launch M2O properly, when I do
it works fine.

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