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How does the vacuum unit work - lay1014 - 12-09-2019

How does the vacuum unit work?

The roots vacuum pump needed by roots vacuum unit can't directly exhaust the atmosphere. For example, the pressure difference between the suction port and the exhaust port of Roots vacuum pump will be too large, which will overload the roots vacuum pump. For example, simply increasing the motor power of Roots vacuum pump will form the overheating of roots vacuum pump, which will cause the tiny gap between the roots vacuum pump rotors to get stuck quickly due to thermal contraction.

In order to ensure that the roots vacuum pump can reach a higher vacuum, the gap between the rotors of Roots vacuum pump must be ensured. Therefore, the roots vacuum pump must be equipped with a front-end pump when it is used. When the pressure in the system is pumped to a certain range, the roots vacuum pump can be started again, so as to prevent the overload of Roots vacuum pump. The front stage pump can select water (liquid) ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump and other vacuum pumps that can directly discharge the atmosphere.

In general, water ring pump is more advantageous than other vacuum pumps in Roots vacuum unit. This is mainly because it can pump a lot of condensable steam, especially when the mechanical vacuum pump of gas ballast oil seal can not remove condensable steam, or the solvent used can make the pump oil deteriorate and affect the performance, or when the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution, it is more obvious Obvious.


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